Dreams and Knitted Knots

Dreams and Knitted Knots

I look at you and remember when I couldn’t wait to place my hands upon your keys,

notes drifting and blending in,

a song played for mice or men.

I look at you and remember when I raised my voice,

sang words that spoke to my own heart,

fulfilled my need to be a part.

I look at you and remember when I longed to tend,

tame your growth, help you bloom with petals most.

I look at you and remember when my fingers flew with needle and thread,

a quilt just waiting for a bed.

I look at you and see a box,

full of dreams and knitted knots.

In the corner, just over there, are clips and clasps still unaware — makings littered everywhere.

I look at me, see talents there — slightly rusty — still in my care.

Andrea – Tumbling Jumbles



Day is dawning, all is new;

warm, not hot, enticing me to

join the waking; feel the power,

create a rhythm of ease, no glower.

I start my stride with calm and pleasure

no stress as I begin to answer.

Noticing as I pass by, little things catch my eye;

Ideas turning in my head, my feet begin to steam ahead!

Faster now, rhythmic, quiet pounding,

breath sounding in my ears, my hands begin to overfill.

Internal counting to my next goal, these sounds have opened up my soul.

Turn back before the sun stands tall

Don’t let the heat be my downfall

Too late! It’s scampered on ahead and beats upon me as I tread.

The shade is now my best friend; make my way – home again.

Pace slowing so I can stop; tingling legs begin to pop

Pounding of my chest and feet, signal the journey not quite complete.

Lie down in a shady spot, reward my muscles so they’re not taut;

Relax and listen to the day — Unfold

then be on my way.

Andrea – Tumbling Jumbles.blog