Backyard Gardener


This morning the bees are busy at the Black and Blue Salvia planted near my back porch.  I can hear the gurgle of the water as it jumps in the fountain.  A few birds are calling back and forth.  What will today bring to the garden in my backyard?

When we first moved into this home, rabbits had been living under the back porch.  We brought into their world two miniature Schnauzers and a hobby gardener.  I’m sure they were quite distressed.  Although the bunhies were cute, they also quickly became one of my biggest adversaries.  Exactly what flowers could I grow that my nibble master companions wouldn’t eat?  I did the obligatory search on rabbit resistant plants and was somewhat dismayed.  Several years later and after an introduction to rabbit and deer repellant spray,  I have come to a happy resolution.
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