Aging Gracefully

As I reflect on life, it seems that time flies by yet ticks very slowly, It’s funny how I never have time to get to those things I really want to do, nor do I have time to accomplish the things I need to do. Being disciplined is hard at any age, unless I suppose, you are…disciplined. I’m still working on it; some weeks are good and some not so good.

A few things are very evident to my aging self. I have more grey hair, aches and pains that are just downright annoying, several pair of reading glasses, and the truth of experiences lived that continue to teach me and hopefully make me a wiser and more caring person. My desire is to age gracefully by accepting each new goal or hurdle with positivity, to forgive myself when I fall short, and to wake each day with thankfulness and a sense of purpose in my heart.

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