FRUSTRATED by Breaking Thread?

I had to share this for those of you who, like me, love to sew, but have very little formal sewing knowledge.  While working on a basic hem project for choir uniform dresses, I found the first hem would go just fine.  Then, on the second dress, I’d get maybe a quarter way around and my top thread would snap not just once, but repeatedly.  It makes for a very time-consuming project.  I threaded and re-threaded, checked every setting-multiple times.  Nothing.

Here’s the secret–it’s all in the thread.  The polyester thread I chose (specifically for stretch fabric)  needs to come off the spool in a specific direction.  I need a thread director or a thread lubrication system; without it the thread twists, coming off the spool and eventually pops.  My machine actually has a system in place to do this–I just didn’t know to do it.  That’s why the first dress went smoothly and subsequent ones did not.  The more I sewed, the more the thread twisted, the more FRUSTRATED I became.  Apparently this happens with metallic embroidery thread as well.  My Bernina has an available embroidery module, so if I ever decide to try that, at least I know how to prevent the issue.

The quick fix was just switch to a non-stretch thread.  The hems look awesome, my sanity has been restored, and knowledge gained.

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