The Journey Begins

revealing the truthThe little word, reveal, is hard for me to embrace.  I’m a rather quiet person and find it hard to share what’s on my mind. Nonetheless,  I sit here at my kitchen table, using the power of the written word, to reveal a little about myself and the beginnings of Tumbling Jumbles.

I find it easiest to write out my emotions and ideas rather than talk.  The ability to see the words somehow make them more tangible to me.  When I get the urge to write a few paragraphs the words seem to fly onto the page.  Once they make it to the paper, I’m still protective of them, as if somehow revealing them will open me up and rip out the deepest parts of me.  Rarely, if ever, have I shared these, so this blog of Tumbling Jumbled thoughts is an exercise in vulnerability.  It’s time for me to begin sharing. 

I hope to share about the  many  facets of my life, ideas that began to take root when I was a little girl to those emerging now as a grown woman and mother.  All of those early  dreams and wonderings are still floating around inside;  some of them fulfilled and others still emerging,  many of them yet to be revealed.  The intent of this blog is to strike a chord that resonates with many of you in an honest and open way.  Travel with me and feel free to leave your words of insight and knowledge.

Andrea – Tumbling Jumbles



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